DR Series

DR Model™ Toolbars

For use with Genesis TRX®

Spacing Options Results in Three Toolbars in One

Ideal for both pre-plant & side dress wheat applications.

DR Model™Toolbars used with the Genesis TRX® precision, high speed, single disk opener leaves virtually no disturbance or damage to wheat while providing superior performance with very little soil disturbance in no-till conditions. With 15″ row spacing, this equipment combo is ideal for both pre-plant and side dress applications for wheat. The DR Model Toolbars can also easily be set up to run on 30″ spacing with the turn of two valves.  The applicator can run 30″ spacing off-row for side dress applications or 30″ spacing on-row for pre-plant applications. It’s basically three toolbars in one!

Apply anhydrous with nearly zero negative impact to standing wheat for side dress applications.

DR Toolbar used with Genesis TRX® handles large amounts of residue from previous season’s crop without plugging or hair pinning.


  • DR430A
  • DR430AL
  • DR440A
  • DR440AL

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