Spoked Gauge Wheels

Spoked Gauge Wheels

3” or 4.5” Premium Cast Spoked Gauge Wheels

Fits John Deere, Kinze and AGCO Planters

AgSynergy’s premium spoked gauge wheels are made with direct injected rubber tires and heavy duty Peer double roller bearings for extended wear in high residue conditions. The large spoke openings allow for dirt and residue to escape in wet soil conditions.


Price: $149/wheel

3” or 4.5” Stamped Spoke Gauge Wheels

Fits John Deere, Kinze and White Planters

AgSynergy’s spoked gauge wheels are constructed with standard double roller bearing and come with durable rubber for minimal wear in soybean stubble and corns stalks.


Price: $85/wheel

3 inch Spoked Gauge Wheel

3'' Spoked Gauge Wheel

4.5 inch Spoked Gauge Wheel

4.5'' Spoked Gauge Wheel

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