Genesis RAZER

Genesis RAZER

Dual Placement of Anhydrous – Liquid or Dry

Low operating cost – available exclusively for AgSynergy® toolbars.

Genesis RAZER is a single disk, high speed, minimum disturbance opener. This product’s row unit design allows for dual placement of anhydrous ammonia with either liquid or dry fertilizer. This innovative product features a low operating cost and is adaptable to a wide variety of working conditions, ranging from conventional to no-till. The open design allows for easy access and the continuous flow of residue and soil throughout the row unit to minimize plugging.

  • Each row has 20″ vertical, independent, working range.
  • Minimal side wall compaction.
  • Open design for easy access to minimize plugging.
  • Rugged, heavy-duty components lubed for life for minimal maintenance.
  • Multiple blade options.
  • Optional Pneumatic Floating Row Cleaner available.
  • S. Patent No. 9,980,421 & 9,986,671

Easily adjustable application depths up to 6''

Independent closing coulters

Simple knife holder adjustment

Knife position protects from rock damage

Greaseless polymer bushings in all pivot points

Oscillation of 5˚ provides superior trailing in contoured soil

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