Genesis RAZER

Genesis RAZER

Dual Placement of Anhydrous – Liquid or Dry

Low operating cost – available exclusively for AgSynergy® toolbars.

Genesis RAZER is a single disk, high speed, minimum disturbance opener. This product’s row unit design allows for dual placement of anhydrous ammonia with either liquid or dry fertilizer. This innovative product features a low operating cost and is adaptable to a wide variety of working conditions, ranging from conventional to no-till. The open design allows for easy access and the continuous flow of residue and soil throughout the row unit to minimize plugging.

Key Features

    • Each row has 20″ vertical, independent, working range
    • Minimal side wall compaction
    • Open design for easy access to minimize plugging
    • Rugged, heavy-duty components lubed for life for minimal maintenance
    • Multiple blade options
    • U.S. Patent No. 9,980,421 & 9,986,671

Accurate Fertilizer Depth Placement

Easily adjustable application depths up to 6''

Independent closing coulters

Simple knife holder adjustment

Knife position protects from rock damage

Greaseless polymer bushings in all pivot points

Oscillation of 5˚ provides superior trailing in contoured soil

Optional Equipment

Optional Mechanical or Pneumatic Floating Row Cleaner

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