SC Series Dirt Scrapers

SC Series Dirt Scrapers

SC Series Scrapers that are designed and built for the hard work of leveling out fields, maintaining roadways, building waterways, working on terraces or cleaning feed lots.

The SC Series Scrapers are available in three models: SC10, SC12 and SC14.  The featured SC12 has a 4.6 yard capacity and can adjust to an 18″ lateral independent tilt, either left or right.  A solid built unit, it has a weight of 5300 pounds.  All SC model scrapers are equipped with Lube for Life bushings that eliminates greasing on all pivot points.  The hydraulic self leveling  feature takes the guess work out of determining what is level.  The SC Series Scrapers are ideal for both farm and ranch applications.

Key Features

  • 10′, 12′, and 14′ width option
  • Single or dual tilt design
  • Hydraulic self leveling
  • Single wheel or rear walking beam axle options
  • 17” of axle tilt

Cat 3 swivel hitch

Lube for Life bushings in all pivot points

Continuously rolled back plate with flush mount cutting edge for easy cleanout

SC12 Specifications

Weight: 5,300 lbs

Cut Width: 12′

Capacity: 4.6 cu. yd.

Side Plate Thickness: 1”

Back Height: 36”

Total Width: 12′ 2”

Max Dump Height: 36”

Horsepower: 175 to 250

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