Genesis TRX ®

 U.S. Patent No. 8,453,755

Least amount of soil disturbance on the market.
Eliminates erosion risk and provides consistent seed bed.


•  Durable 4 ¾” wide rubber track holds residue stationary while coulter cuts through it.  Holding effect minimizes residue movement and provides for superior sealing of anhydrous ammonia.

•  Rugged, heavy-duty undercarriage with ¾” thick steel rails and components lubed for life for minimal maintenance.

•  Disk blade is heavy-duty 20” x ¼” thick steel followed by placement knife with shatter-wing, both of which are adjustable to application depths of 4”, 5” or 6”.

•  Shatter-wing enables superior sealing performance.

•  Independent hydraulic cylinders allow for excellent row unit travel.

•  Each row unit has total vertical range of motion of 16” and road clearance of 8 ½”.

•  Side-to-side oscillation at 5 degrees provides superior trailing in contoured ground.

•  Dual placement of anhydrous ammonia with liquid and dry available.

Apply anhydrous faster with more precision.